sequence – What are all of the doable flags for an nSequence area?


I do know the unique objective of the nSequence area was to carry the transaction within the mempool with the transaction being changed when the bigger worth comes and so forth as much as 0xFFFFFFFF when the transaction turns into “finalized” and able to be mined and included within the block. Since this isn’t correctly carried out, it’s utterly disabled in Bitcoin.

Now this area has a unique objective and if you do not need any of that, you simply have to set the worth to 0xFFFFFFFF. Nevertheless, if the worth just isn’t 0xFFFFFFFF, it’s an indicator for various issues.

For instance, if essentially the most important bit (thirty second, or 31 if counting from zero) just isn’t set, it’s an indicator for a relative time lock.

However what if essentially the most important bit is ready, what are the opposite flags? That’s, if the thirty second bit is ready (1 << 31) along with, for instance, the fifteenth or twenty second or 4th bit?

Are there different flags? If that’s the case, what are they and any associated BIPs about it?

Grasp Bitcoin ebook says the next:

Programmatically, that signifies that if essentially the most important bit (bit 1<<31) just isn’t set, it’s a flag meaning “relative locktime.” In any other case (bit 1<<31 set), the nSequence worth is reserved for different makes use of akin to enabling CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY, nLocktime, Choose-In-Change-By-Payment, and different future developments.

Undecided what the worth of nSequence has to do with nLocktime…


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