output – Can somebody break down what’s returned by pybtc?


I’m feeding community information to pybtc.Transactions. What I do is I take tx messages (which I perceive to solely comprise a single transaction) and I feed them into pybtc.Transaction however solely after eradicating the primary 24 bytes.

This appears to work, nonetheless, I typically can not parse the info. So far as I can inform the info is available in two types:
kind 1

{0: {'worth': 472100, 'scriptPubKey': b'vxa9x14Kxf1p;xfcx01x1cxd3x91xf9nxc9,xdexefx13x01xccx13xfax88xac', 'nType': 0, 'kind': 'P2PKH', 'addressHash': b'Kxf1p;xfcx01x1cxd3x91xf9nxc9,xdexefx13x01xccx13xfa', 'reqSigs': 1}, 1: {'worth': 72978592, 'scriptPubKey': b'x00x14xce}{Wxb1xb4mxbfHxf7v?xb7x86xdfxf6x9b{xa0xdd', 'nType': 5, 'kind': 'P2WPKH', 'addressHash': b'xce}{Wxb1xb4mxbfHxf7v?xb7x86xdfxf6x9b{xa0xdd', 'reqSigs': 1}}

kind 2

{0: {'worth': 12007, 'scriptPubKey': b'jLPX2[zx1cmxdbxf0x00xc8x0fxe6xa8x1e^xabExf0xedx17:xacYAxc2x13~>4xb7x8exf81~txf6x81 +SrxaeXxb5xccxdenxb1xefxf7xd3xcexf8xc6xa6xc0Bx85x85.##wx85xcf`xc8x00x0bxdfxa3x00Cx00x0bxddx19x00L*', 'nType': 3, 'type': 'NULL_DATA'}, 1: {'value': 206496, 'scriptPubKey': b'xa9x14x031xa9xdex93x13x9dx14x7fx01x00xf3rwIx9ex8dnx91x81x87', 'nType': 1, 'type': 'P2SH', 'addressHash': b'x031xa9xdex93x13x9dx14x7fx01x00xf3rwIx9ex8dnx91x81', 'reqSigs': None}, 2: {'value': 206496, 'scriptPubKey': b'xa9x14xf7x17x84{Kx9b2xfex17xc0`xb1vxeex81xf4x05p6xbex87', 'nType': 1, 'type': 'P2SH', 'addressHash': b'xf7x17x84{Kx9b2xfex17xc0`xb1vxeex81xf4x05p6xbe', 'reqSigs': None}, 3: {'value': 68346341, 'scriptPubKey': b'vxa9x14x99=xdfxacx9bQxa0hxb4xebx98:Q/x10xd9xd5x04x9axe9x88xac', 'nType': 0, 'type': 'P2PKH', 'addressHash': b'x99=xdfxacx9bQxa0hxb4xebx98:Q/x10xd9xd5x04x9axe9', 'reqSigs': 1}}

As far as I can tell, the only difference between them is the presence of addressHash but, for form 2 addressHash is actually present in dictionaries with keys greater than 0.

All this to ask, my question is what is the meaning of “value”? Is it the amount transacted? Additionally, if at all possible, could anyone break down the meaning behind these other fields?


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