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Binance is dealing with accusations of plagiarism after the launch of Bicasso, an AI-based nonfungible token (NFT) creation software. It has been alleged that Binance copied a software created by Chatcasso simply two months after awarding them first prize within the BNB Chain hackathon held in Seoul between December 17 to 19, 2022.

Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao declared the launch of Bicasso on March 1 and described it as a product that can be utilized to “flip inventive visions into NFTs with AI”. This has triggered neighborhood member ggoma to accuse Binance of blatantly copying his undertaking Chatcasso and passing it off as their very own.

Binance responds to the accusation

Binance has denied the accusations of theft. A Binance consultant has mentioned that Chatcasso was merely an experimental undertaking by a small group at Binance as a part of their testing and experimentation course of. The spokesperson additional commented that NFTs and AI are ideas that many gamers within the trade are exploring. Chatcasso was awarded the primary prize within the BNB Chain hackathon for efficiently creating an AI-powered software for producing NFTs, and earned $5,000 in Binance USD consequently.

Upon seeing Binance launch an identical platform inside two months, ggoma expressed his shock and disappointment. “For a giant firm like Binance to primarily copy our undertaking, all the way down to the title, is extremely unethical,” he mentioned. “The names are so comparable that it could actually confuse customers – even the consumer interfaces and capabilities are largely the identical.” For example this level, ggoma revealed screenshots of the 2 initiatives.

Binance insists that the resemblance doesn’t imply its concepts have been stolen. A spokesperson for the change commented: “Following an inside evaluation, we’re sure that Bicasso was constructed from scratch greater than two weeks previous to the graduation of the BNB hackathon.”

Moreover, the spokesperson mentioned that Binance and BNB Chain function independently of one another, with the Binance improvement group not taking part in any hackathons performed on the BNB Chain, as confirmed by the cryptocurrency change.

Binance revealed that the title of its AI-powered NFT generator, Bicasso, originated from the OpenAI software ‘Dall-E’, a reference to famend artist Salvador Dali. The corporate expressed that their group was significantly keen on this idea.

The incident left ggoma involved about taking part in hackathons sooner or later, questioning if his concepts could be re-appropriated by a significant participant down the highway. He implored Binance to take accountability for his or her actions and reminded creators that “there are firms on the market who will try and capitalize in your arduous work.”

Whatever the controversy, Bicasso rapidly amassed a big following amongst NFT buyers, with over 10,000 mints completed inside 2.5 hours of its launch.


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